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Curious about some old Pokemon stuff I found

Curious about some old Pokemon stuff I found
I'm not sure of this is exactly the right place, since these aren't gaming items, but I thought someone might have a clue on these.

I was cleaning out a closet in my old place last night, and found these on top. I think this is all circa 1997, I was working for Blockbuster back then, and we were always bringing stuff home after the events.

[Image: 131001_0006_zpsdb0ca98d.jpg]
[Image: 131001_0007_zps8dd1b51c.jpg]

This is a mini poster - 12x18 inches - and each are serial numbered:
[Image: 131001_0008_zps708b6cd0.jpg]
[Image: 131001_0010_zps6010ecc7.jpg]
[Image: 131001_0009_zps78d05122.jpg]
[Image: 131001_0012_zps6924e1bf.jpg]
[Image: 131001_0014_zps636ca14c.jpg]

Most of these were giveaways when you came in to use our machine to print out stickers from Pokemon Snap for N64.

[Image: 131001_0004_zps688bb680.jpg]
[Image: 131001_0005_zps27c40d4d.jpg]

The cards with the chips on the back were sold for a few dollars, and were like debit cards, you inserted them in the machine for credits to print out sheets of stickers.

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