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0-4 NYG

RE: 0-4 NYG
With the Patriots, like bojesphob, I collect the guys who won Super Bowls and am always looking for their autos. But of the newer guys, I'm not willing to shell out much. I picked up a few Dobson autos in hopes that he would break out, but I didn't go too crazy. Glad I didn't because it looks like Thompkins is where it's at in terms of a Patriots WR. Chad Jackson (who? exactly. Florida WR from about 5 years ago the Pats drafted and he didn't do squat) was the one who got me away from putting all my chips on the table for an unproven player. Once a player has paid his dues to the team, won a ring, or is considered one of the best to play for the team, THEN I'll shell out an auto or two for them.
Collect BARRY SANDERS, Tom Brady, Bama Alums and Randy Moss
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I only give DC for trades over $50

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