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FS/T: Last of my basketball cards & collectibles

FS/T: Last of my basketball cards & collectibles
Offering last of my basketball cards & collectibles. Interested in Toni Kukoc or Vlade Divac auto in return.

Complete 1994/95 Skybox Raggin Rookies set in Mint condition.
[Image: th_12967693.jpg]

3 rare issue Grant Hill promo cards
[Image: th_232323232fp536-7nu3349552343WSNRCG3.jpg][Image: th_hill.jpg]

NBA basketball uncut card panel promo sheets
1. 1991 Skybox GQ strip
[Image: 232323232fp53695nu3349552343WSNR-1.jpg]

2.1994/95 NBA Hoops
[Image: 232323232fp53668nu3349552343WSNRCG3.jpg]

3.1995/96 NBA Hoops
[Image: 232323232fp533-2nu3349552343WSNRCG3.jpg]

4.1993/94 Skybox Premium
[Image: 232323232fp536-7nu3349552343WSNR-1.jpg]

Bryant "Big Country" Reeves' actual hand print with an authentic signature. He signed this 11x17 print in person as he was promoting Bear Country magazine. Perfect for framing and display. One of the kind collectible. Comes with COA

Kellogg's Corn Pops box back pannel cards

[Image: 232323232fp53697nu3349552343WSNRCG3.jpg]

* 1995 Panini sticker Grizzlie Logo
* 1996/97 TV game schedule
* 1999/00 Official game schedule

[Image: Grizzlies.jpg]

1996 Kellogg's Skymotion Bryant "Big Country" Reeves card

[Image: th_232323232fp536-9nu3349552343WSNRCG3.jpg]

RE: FS/T: Last of my basketball cards & collectibles
Also have Kevin McHale autographed 6x9 numbered print by Allen Hackney for Switser Sports Publishing (1993). Print is out of /25000

[Image: KevinMcHaleauto.jpg]

Asking $30 delivered and the print will be shipped in appropriate size top loader, and bubble envelope.
Also have special edition $33 Bird Dollars

[Image: bird.jpg]

Asking $10 delivered for $33 Bird Dollars. Feel free to PM for more info.

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