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1981 Topps Chewing Gum cards

1981 Topps Chewing Gum cards
im looking through my collection for the first time and noticed that I have a few topps chewing gum cards from 1981. I cant seem to find a value for any of them, or find them on organize. Can anyone help me out?

RE: 1981 Topps Chewing Gum cards
Got any scans or anything that could help us out? Are these basketball?
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RE: 1981 Topps Chewing Gum cards
im guessing he is talking about either these:

or these:

the 80-81 had "strange numbering" that might make it harder to find if you didnt know how to search the opg

however, it was the 1981-82 topps set that had the 1981 copyright on it
the 81-82 set might be hardrer to search because of the regionlization of the set
like mchale's rc is east 75, thus "e75" in the opg, not 75

RE: 1981 Topps Chewing Gum cards
yup! its that second link, thank you jacobystealshome!

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