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topps redemption mess up please help

RE: topps redemption mess up please help
(07-18-2013, 06:38 PM)rjcj2017 Wrote: Topps has reached a new low.


OK, so, the first mistake stands on its own as horrible, obviously — but clearly that was unintentional.

I actually have a MUCH bigger problem with how your phone call was handled.

Even though the second lady sounded sympathetic/cooperative, she should have told you to keep the "replacement" Miller and that she would personally be getting you the auto version of equivalent BV out in the mail— TODAY.

And then actually do it, so that in 3-4 days you have an appropriate replacement, and not have to wait for ...

1) The 3-4 days it will take your letter to get to Topps, assuming you bear the burden of writing it and sending it out today ...

2) The X number of days it will take Topps to even open your letter and flush it out to the correct person/department ...

3) The X number of days/weeks it will take you to actually receive the Miller, which technically isn't even what you were supposed to get in the first place.

I would say this DEFINITELY qualifies as a call to the Better Business Bureau, telling them what you told us and adding in what I just said.

Redemptions are one thing, handling the fallout this horribly is a whole different level of incompetence at best and fraud at worst.
i was going to call the Better Business Bureau but topps is on there list so i don't know how they would help if even help me at all the bad thing is we pay 100 bucks for a box we get redemption and get this in return that crazy i think i'm done buying topps for a while.
(07-18-2013, 07:51 PM)ftballcardz Wrote: I have 3 Bernard Peirce redemptions pending with Topps, all these posts are starting to worry me. When I spoke to them a couple seeks ago they said they would be having these cards signed "any time now". maybe I should just get replacements and hope they don't screw that up.
wow that not what the rep told me he said get a replacement now because he not sign anything at this time.
(07-19-2013, 10:55 AM)arod1973 Wrote: I am not surprised.... I found out recently Topps sent my Russell Wilson Chrome Pink auto to an address in Texas when i live in Illinois..

I am still trying to get them to resolve that 2 weeks later even though the tracking clearly shows it was sent certified and signed in Texas..its like they dont believe me when they are the ones who gave me the tracking info..
well that even worse you card is high end one i would really be pissed for me is like 100 dollar loss since that what the box coast me.
my bucket always up to date also i always willing to trade send offers


RE: topps redemption mess up please help
(07-19-2013, 11:04 AM)titan fan Wrote: well that even worse you card is high end one i would really be pissed for me is like 100 dollar loss since that what the box coast me.
I know, I am extremely nervous over it..i saw the last one sold for $385..

i bet if i was one of their high end case breakers they would have sent me another one out asap..but since i am just joe schmo collector they could care less..
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