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90's hobby boxes question...

90's hobby boxes question...
I'm looking to buy a box or two, but I wanted to know if you guys thought these were a good buy. I normally don't bust boxes, but I remember what it was like busting packs as a kid so I figured I'd pick up a few to see if I get lucky. The boxes I'm wondering about are 1996-97 Fleer Metal Series 2, 1997/98 Skybox Premium Series 1 and Series 2. I saw what a few go for on other forums, but I wanted to know what a fair price is for these boxes and if its worth busting them?
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RE: 90's hobby boxes question...
I believe 1996-97 Metal Series 2 starts at card #150, meaning you won't get a Kobe RC and the bang for your buck will be low. There are some cool inserts in there: Cyber-Metal (1:6, $2-$15), Freshly Forged (1:24, $2.50-$20.00), Maximum Metal (1:120, #11-#20, $8-$30), Minted Metal (1:720, expired redemption, <= $100), Molten Metal (1:72, #11-#30, $6-$125), Net-Rageous (1:288, $12-$225), Platinum Portraits (1:96, $8-$60), and Precious Metal Parallel (1:36, $10-$275).

As far as SkyBox Premium goes, you have a 1:72 chance of pulling a SkyBox Autographics card (a set that is highly forged), and they have some decent inserts.

Personally, I'd go with Metal simply because I like those sets. I don't see any Series 2 boxes on the Marketplace, so please let me know through PM where you've found these as I'd possible like to save up for a box or two of these. I almost have the complete 1995-96 base set, would like to get the 1996-97 later on as well.
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