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Cards difference then the database entrys.

Cards difference then the database entrys.
Hey, i wanted to input all my collection into the database at tradingcarddb.com,

But once i was entereing some of the Fleer 1996-1997 cards i encountered some problems:

Some numbers/names are differend on my cards then they are in the database.

Here is an examples:
I have the card number:
296 Tracy Murray F from the Bullets, but on the databace the number 296 should be Dennis Rodman.

When i choose in the database for Tracy Murray then i found a card that looks like mine, with the number 266, and my card looks exacly same, just that the number is 296.

Here is the card of Tracy Murray in the Database with #266:

And here is the card how i hold it in my hand with #296:

its the same card, just the number is a differend one.

some Another cards with this problem i have are:
256 - Donate Jones F (knicks) should be Donald Whiteside
257 - Walter McCarty should be Walt Williams
274 - Rasheed Wallace should be Glenn Robinson
and some more

what can i do with this cards now, should i just junk them away?
or is there another fleer 1996-1997 set wich is not listed in this database or are those fail prints?


RE: Cards difference then the database entrys.
sometimes, just search player name and number

for instance: tracy murray 296 would have resulted in this search:


so, the version you have is the european version, and thus, the difference in card number

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