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1911-12 Imperial Tobbacco Company C55 Near set

1911-12 Imperial Tobbacco Company C55 Near set
Hello I have a near set of 1911-12 Imperial Tobbacco C55 Set. I have 39 of the 45 cards. I have all the main cards, Vezina, Lalonde, Ross, Taylor, Malone, in which are graded. All received 4's except Vezina received a 3. I have scans of some of the cards on my photo bucket, A link is in my Signature check them out. Looking to sell these cards o maybe a partial sale/trade will work. Cards are in the 3-4 grading scale a couple being 2's maybe? Like I said the main 5 cards are graded already. Please,
Also I have a complete set of 1954-55 Parkhurst Hockey cards. This set is in the 5 Range. Gordie Howe was graded 6, and Johnny Bowers was given a 6.5. but like I said the rest of the cards are in around the 5 range. Some being a little nicer and some a little lesser. Tim Horton is a beautiful card might even be higher than the Howe, Bowers cards. Jean Belliveau is not a pretty card as it is creased and what not maybe a 3, but all other main cards are pretty nice 5.5-7 range. Again I believe I have 1 photo of this set in my photo bucket.
If you are interested in either please let me know and we can see if there is anything we can work out.
Bobby Kloss,

RE: 1911-12 Imperial Tobbacco Company C55 Near set
loving the vintgage

I wish I have the coin for the Vezina and Ross

best of luck
using tracking numbers (all US and some Can)

RE: 1911-12 Imperial Tobbacco Company C55 Near set
Only because I'm curious, but what kind of $$ value would you be looking for in regards to JUST the Senators cards in the C55 set?
[Image: opiebanner.png]

Thanks to Tha Penguin for the banner!
Always looking for Senators and Canucks cards.

Opie's Senators Collection: 4036/14396 28.3%, according to Beckett's database

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