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Great hobby promotional items from yesteryear
I think it is cool when a company issues promotional hobby related items, and I wish it would happen more often. Whether it be cards or drinking cups I am much more inclined to do business with that company because I am a geek for this type of stuff. Surprisingly, at least with football, there never has been too many promotional collectibles issued historically.

Perhaps my favorite are the McDonald's 1986 Kickoff Payoff scratch off cards.
[Image: T2eC16FHJIkE9qU3iLuJBRlBno0vtg60_57_zps42019d4f.jpg] (I do not own)
I remember (showing my age here) when these cards were given away. Each team had 24 cards and each player had one of four colors in the scratch off area, blue and black being the most scarce for some reason. Once more you were only given cards from your regional team. If you were living in Duluth, Minnesota and the Vikings were not your team - tough! Imagine attempting to put together these sets pre-internet age.

Being a kid at the time (I stress "being a kid at the time") I thought the accompanying McDonald commercials were hilarious. I was happy to find that a couple were posted.
[Image: aoM1_zps2mg995on.gif]
Hmmm... How come I don't remember these? And why was that Big Mac so much bigger @ 0:19 seconds than it is now???
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[Image: StevenJacksonFalconsSmall.jpg]

I gots some of these.... got a few different color versions of the marino !

PC - Dolphins, Daniel Thomas, Parker, Ajayi, Jordan, Landry & Phins 1/1's
I know Panini and taco bell where doing something recently.. atleast up here, but I believe it was only basketball.
[Image: VNTYXbe-Copy_zps4a0bcd1a.png]
There is a blast from the past, I also remember the packs of football cards from Dominos with every pizza
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One other thing, this was perhaps the very first set that had parallels. I cannot think of any trading card set, not just football, that had parallels prior to these 1986 cards.

I should also mention McDonald's did another Kickoff Payoff type promotion later in 1993. These were perforated card sheets however. Three were printed for each team.

Perhaps my second favorite football related promotion of all time was the 1995 Burger King Sports Illustrated College Legends Cups. These five cups were individually devoted to all-time college great QBs, RBs, WRs, defensive players and coaches. The cups were very scratch resistant, had full color photos of a few different players and were comprised of thick plastic.
[Image: aoM1_zps2mg995on.gif]
I know some gas stations gave away stamps i have the 72 sunoco stamps and police officers used ro give cards out too
This is the only promotional card that I own, at least I think it is. It's a 1984 7 eleven super star sports coin. They came off of slurpee cups and most of them are in bad condition. I personally think it is one of the most interesting promotions out there.

[Image: AOOtxc5.jpg]

[Image: R0k73S6.jpg]
[Image: B6aktTl.png]

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That is some good stuff that you guys mentioned in previous posts which I completely forgot about.

Some other items of mine that I found while recently rummaging through my closet of childhood accumulations include the 1986 DairyPak Cartons, the 1996 McDonald's Looney Tunes Cups and the (1982?) Giants/Jets 7-11 Big Gulp cups.

Several years ago KFC did a cup promotion featuring four players including Brian Westbrook and DeMarcus Ware. I am surprised those are not listed online yet.
[Image: aoM1_zps2mg995on.gif]

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