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CARDS101 (12 people and counting)

RE: CARDS101 (10 people and counting)
Wouldn't you think the parents would start to wonder why the kid is getting all these packages in the mail? I know I sure would!
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RE: CARDS101 (10 people and counting)
I actually successfully traded quite a bit at that age... back in the old AOL-shout-out-what-you-want-chats... I have no problem with trading with a kid, as long as they follow thru.
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RE: CARDS101 (10 people and counting)
I have a pending trade with him where he said he wouldn't send first -- so it's just sitting in limbo.

RE: CARDS101 (10 people and counting)
I lost two cards. It was a very small trade - about $10 BV. Didn't wait for him to send first because I was headed out of town. Oops.

So anyway, yeah.
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RE: CARDS101 (10 people and counting)
I knew this dude was flakey from the start... Very pushy and not to mention between April 28th-May 13th he submitted 12 different trades offers to me. Id have to say it was the most ridicules thing ive seen on this site in over 2 years. Needless to say I never traded him. Thank god I was on my Bryce Harper kick at the time or I might of lost some pretty good ones.

JAKELOVESCARDS Part II? (touchy subject I know)

Sorry to all parties who were involved in this especially those who I have traded with because I know you guys are all stand up guys. I just hope no one lost anything really big...

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RE: CARDS101 (10 people and counting)
I insisted he send first and he refused and canceled trade.
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RE: CARDS101 (11 people and counting)
Wow, got a msg from him today aplogizing stating he is going to send everyone's cards back on Friday. Dunno what you all did, but thank you!
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RE: CARDS101 (11 people and counting)
I completed a trade with him on May 17th, but got a weird vibe from him. I decided to wait to receive his cards before sending. Once I told him that, he tried to intimidate me to go ahead and send the cards. I knew then that I would never see those cards. I contacted the moderator, because I was concerned that he had ripped off other people and I'm sad to see I was right.

RE: CARDS101 (11 people and counting)
(06-05-2013, 08:16 PM)floydtown Wrote: Who else does this guy owe???

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Just saw this...phillies_joe 2 trades BV under $30 in total. Just sent him a message yesterday.

I figured out afterwads that they were probably shaddy. Kept sending me trade requests every day for like 1 base card (different card each time). Finally told him that that his org of 12 cards (lol) was too limited and not to request a trade until I had received my cards. I'm not responding back to him on his request for my address, I'll let the police / USPS handle it when I send stuff tonight (Thanks for the links).

Lesson learned: listen to my gut...receive before sending anything with people who have < 15 completed trades.....listen to the advice I have seen here 100 times (really wish I didn't have to operate like this....it's "only" cards). Sorry too all that got burned....mine were only base and inserts, hope other's were not high valuded stuff.


RE: CARDS101 (12 people and counting)
I have spoken with Andrew through the mod email account and he says he will be returning everyone's cards. He cannot afford DC and is 13yrs old. I advised him to tell his parents and will keep everyone updated on when he mails each members' package back.
Hopefully, this ends with all cards returned.

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