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Opinions needed please(concerns most)

RE: Opinions needed please(concerns most)
I'm not that picky of a guy, I trade by book value, as long as the trade is even, it's fine with me (100 to 1)
Looking mostly for HOF players.....game used, rc, #D, autos, and mike Schmidt autos and game used

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RE: Opinions needed please(concerns most)
Ive run into people getting really bad about they define as trading down of late. I used to not care and on autos I'd trade for equal BV straight up regardless of if it was an auto in return. But so many people refused to do that Ive had to stop doing it just to even have a hope of treading for an auto i want.

Also ive run into people of late that wanted to trade a bunch of base cards. I picked one higher valued base card from the same set and they blew a gasket about how they were going to trade down.

It's all kinds of things like this on top of people just abandoning the site that are making it harder to trade.
Is this thing on?

RE: Opinions needed please(concerns most)
I usually will trade as many set fillers for set fillers as needed. BV under $1 as long as its somewhat within reason. 100 cards for 40-60 is okay. just dont look for 300 for 40-60 base. the way i see it, if i dont need it for my sets. and someone wants it and they have something i need for one of mine, im okay with it.

However im often looking for the 100 cards of randoms normally all under $2 to finish up base sets. and then someone will add even BV and that does bother me a little especially when its most of my higher BV cards. So thats when i like it when someone is willing to trade down if they want better cards.

Hope that made since.
I also dont normally list cards under $1 in my org unless asked.

But if your looking to do some set building I may be able to help you out.
Let me know what your building.
Bowman Set Collector
Blue Jays Guy
Supercollecting Jorge Saez and Jose Berrios

RE: Opinions needed please(concerns most)
For me, it all depends on the cards involved and the set. I have all my hall of famers and better stars separated by player in about 20-25 different 3200 count boxes. Depending on the size of the trade and cards involved, other traders do not realize the time it takes to pull out the cards as well. If we're talking mostly commons, I will go in someone's favor but it all depends on my shipping cost as well. Lately on larger trades, it is cheaper to send one 13 ounce bubble mailer and a separate bubble mailer for the remainder of the cards instead of sending a trade weighing more than one pound priority mail. Anything over 1 lb automatically goes to the 2lb rate.

RE: Opinions needed please(concerns most)
Good points made by all,thanks for the responses.
Mattingly Collection.2503 different

I'm looking for Mattingly,Pujols,All Current
& Great Yankees,& HOFers in all Sports.
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RE: Opinions needed please(concerns most)
Personally, I think people get WAY to wrapped around the handle when it comes to trading by BV. I get that it's, for the most part, good to be close but it doesn't HAVE to be spot on equal or even with a few bucks.

In regards to the OP's question, and if I was reading it correctly, you're giving up a card for $40 for about $50 in return on base cards? That to me sounds more than reasonable. Additionally, you're going to be paying more than they are in regards to shipping and handling. I love giving up chunks of cards for only a few in return. Depending on the number of cards I'm sending out and how high the BV I'm sending out is where I'll give a guesstimate on how much to ask for in return. As an example, I sent out a trade a couple of years ago in which I traded away a bunch of Ripken base and inserts with a BV of around $100. I received an autograph card in return that had a BV of $40. Both of us were happy as I was able to unload a bunch of cards I didn't care about to someone who liked them and only received one card in return of a former player I've always enjoyed. However, I feel like for the most part those days are long gone, even from just a few years ago, as people now seemed more concerned about the "value" (sell or book) than they do the actual cards they are getting for their collections. And if the "value" is what you're more concerned about, you're in the wrong hobby for that.

My guess is some of these people are the same ones that wouldn't even consider giving a $40 for $50 worth of base as they consider base "worthless". You'll see posts like occasionally.

RE: Opinions needed please(concerns most)
Your spot on with your way of thinking here. If your taking base and giving autos you have a right to give less. Any more BV isn't all people look at and sell value is what matters. So if your giving a $40 auto for $50 base its likely gonna be close do the the volume in return and shipping.

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RE: Opinions needed please(concerns most)
I think that you are more than fair!!!! Everybody else should agree

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