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State Without a Hockey Team

State Without a Hockey Team
Who else out there follows hockey but lives in a state where few people care? In Wisconsin, we have the perennial powerhouses of Men and Women teams at UW-Madison, but no one seems to notice. (Some years back both squads held NCAA titles at the same time.) I do not even bother to ask at work anymore if anyone "watched the game last night". If it has nothing to do with the Packers, it is hard to get people's attention sometimes. I felt horrible when I wore my Toews jersey to work recently and a woman looked at the front and said, "Is that a hockey team?" However, I am sitting in the public library right now wearing the same jersey, and fellow walked by and said, "Go Hawks!" I just wish that happened more often!
I appreciate Chicago players that begin competing within the city's sports organizations and stay with these teams throughout their careers.

RE: State Without a Hockey Team
i live in Indiana but close to Chicago so there are alot of people that follow Hockey (on Hawks Banwagon) but there are some people that do play hockey and follow it as a whole

RE: State Without a Hockey Team
I live in south Carolina, we have an ECHL team here but nobody really cares I think they might get like 3000 people a game, if that.

RE: State Without a Hockey Team
I used to live in Waukesha, WI and would go to Milwaukee Admirals games. They used to get 5-6,000 on average but now seems to be about half that. kinda sad.

RE: State Without a Hockey Team
I live in Utica. We are supposed to get the Canucks AHL team next season.

The Utica Memorial Auditorium was just granted 2 mil for renovations and one of my teammates is a architect for the firm doing the work - says it looks like its gonna be a done deal. We have a nice little history of hockey here.

Filmed part of SlapShot there ("I'm listening to the effing song" game)
Utica Devils (AHL)
Utica Bulldogs (CoHL)
Utica Blizzard (UHL)
Mohawk Valley Prowlers (UHL) - Left in 2003ish I think and since
Utica College Pioneers (NCAA D3)

Syracuse Crunch are about an hour 15 to the west
Rochester Americans are two hours away to the west
Binghamton Senators are two hours away to the south
Buffalo Sabres 3 hours and some change to the west
New York Rangers/Islanders and New Jersey Devils 4 hours'ish to the south

Toronto is also within driving distance, but I've never been there for a game so I didn't put it in the list.
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RE: State Without a Hockey Team
I'm in Virginia - Richmond used to have a ECHL team, but they left - most people here follow the Caps (whose offices and practice facility is in Arlington, VA) primarily due to Comcast Midatlantic/DC being on all of the local cable packages (even in the parts of VA where the Hurricanes are closer). Norfolk has an AHL team - I know that Roanoke at least used to have a minor leage team as well.

There are a fairly large number of Caps fans in this area (again, I think thats a matter of local coverage since the local cable systems carry Comcast but not whoever broadcasts Hurricanes games). I'm gusesing that the minor league team didn't survive in Richmond because the hockey fans in Richmond can go to Raleigh or DC pretty easily - so there just isn't enough local market to keep a team going (especially since the only local arena in Richmond which can be used for hockey is really too large and too old to support much of anything

RE: State Without a Hockey Team
Here in Washington we have 4 Western Hockey League teams but never hear anything about them. Vancouver is 2 hours from Seattle but there is no coverage for them either except for when the local sports radio station jumps on the bandwagon whenever they go deep into the playoffs and broadcasts those games.

RE: State Without a Hockey Team
I now live in MD but everyone knows where I grew up now and what my team will always be

by the Wisc is a great hockey state
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