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why don't people respond to trade offers?

RE: why don't people respond to trade offers?
(05-19-2013, 10:51 AM)Optimus_Prime Wrote: Where's that new guy? It'd be great if they put a little red notification in the heading to let you know that you have a trade offer or message or something. So that way, when you click on the forums to come here and have your thoughts and answers go completely to waste, you'll at least know you have a trade offer. Man.
Whats even more frustration is the lack of trading on this site. I used to mail out cards every day. Now im lucky if its once a week. C'MON PEOPLE. I JUST WANT TO FINISH SOME SETS.

you know, I have not added a single card to my brandon nolan collection going on 2 years. Do you know what that does to your soul? IT MAKES IT GO AWAY. please do not go away soul.
Well considering there aren't that many of his cards I can understand that they aren't popping up in collections.

It's not a bad idea actually to have something flash at you when you're cruising the site. Something that tells you of at least pm's and trade offers. All trade sites have something like that.
Looking for rookies, autos, and patches current Canuck players in Canuck uniform and former Canuck stars IE Linden, Bure etc
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RE: why don't people respond to trade offers?
i know day late and dollar short looking at this post, as with many, but between work and school i havent had the time money or energy to trade. plus with the expense with shipping to canada (i know some of you, if not all feel the same way) ive kind of strayed away from trades and collecting for the time being

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