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What started out as good "luck" is turning bad

RE: What started out as good "luck" is turning bad
Thanks for everyone's input.

As per claims on the condition of cards, I never put grades or claim an item may fall into a "mint" or "near mint" category on cards as I have enough experience to know better than that and I'm well aware that one persons perception is different than another persons. When a buyer asks for my assessment of a card I am always honest about even the slightest of defects. And I always put in a disclaimer about not being a grader. Now on occasion a flaw may escape my attention, but for high end items I always take the most conservative stance on assessments, and a defect like a damage to a patch area would have been caught for sure.

I know in good conscience that the card did not have a major flaw in it when it left my hands, and I know the way it was packed it could not have been damaged during shipping. But let's face it, when a buyer wants their money back on the bay, there's really not much you can do to avoid having to give them back their money, especially when all the buyer has to do is dent the card in the patch area and take a picure of that. So then it becomes my word versus his.

Though I'm upset about having to give back his money, if I can get it back and it's resale able, I'm sure I'd be able to resell it...I'm just upset about having to take the time to do all of this, plus having the potential of having someone screw me over completely by screwing up a perfectly nice card.

(05-15-2013, 10:44 AM)dmasci Wrote: In addition to a photo of the card did you make any claims to the condition in your listing? In other words did you say it was NM-MT or Mint or anything like that? Reason I ask is that what is Mint to one person may not be Mint to another and many times is not Mint to a grading company.

I have returned cards I purchased because they seller said they were mint and they had a flaw that was not visible in the picture but certainly would be visible with a Loup and for $1500 I would be using magnification.

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