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My Rutgers PC Collection
My Rutgers PC Collection
I am new on the site and just started a Rutgers PC. Here are some of the cards I have.....

To start is

the first legit rookie card of Logan Ryan

2012 Upper Deck
[Image: DSC00002_zps50c2a4cf.jpg]
the next up is one of my 3 devin mccourty cards

2010 Crown Royale Base

[Image: DSC00001_zpsae9621bd.jpg]

RE: My Rutgers PC Collection
Long ways to go huh
[Image: TT8dhuE.png]
Collecting Terrell Owens,Tom Brady,Peyton Manning, Josh Hamilton, Alex Smith
If you don't have any HIGH end cards, please don't try to acquire one of mine. Thank you.

RE: My Rutgers PC Collection
Its honestly a Side PC I have two main PC's and then some smaller ones.
The next up is a

2010 Leaf Limited Devin McCourty rookie spotlight #'d 44/50

[Image: DSC00006_zps27c4d4d6.jpg]
2011 Limited Ray Rice Team Trademarks Prime 37/50

[Image: DSC00003_zpsf0034234.jpg]
2012 Press Pass Sports Town Mohamed Sanu (Autograph 77/149)

[Image: DSC00005_zps09727e85.jpg]

and lastly for now
2010 Contenders Devin McCourty (Rookie Ticket Autograph)

[Image: DSC00004_zps6a7e9eaf.jpg]

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