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Has your Post Office screwed you over yet??

Has your Post Office screwed you over yet??
Ok so I got my final claim notification...and it was denied. Here is the back story:

A few months ago I sent in six (6) 2011 Playoff Contenders DeMarco Murray RC Autos for grading. 3 regulars and 3 variations. Anyways...after waiting a week for the cards to show "delivered" (i sent them insured with tracking) nothing. I called the post office and they said I have to wait 30 days for the cards not to be delivered to file a claim. 30 days came and went and nothing. I called Beckett numerous times, and they stated they never received them. Anyways, I filed a claim and they told me I needed to send in supporting documents to show the value of the cards. I sent them the invoices from when I purchased them off of eBay AND I sent in the suggested Beckett Value with a "print screen" that showed what they valued them at. After reviewing all of my documents I sent in, USPS decided I didn't provide appropriate documentation to "substantiate" the value of the lost cards.

I am lost for words..........
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RE: Has your Post Office screwed you over yet??
Lawsuit! They have lots of money, go after them! Sorry man, thats messed up.
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RE: Has your Post Office screwed you over yet??
Time for torches and gasoline.
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RE: Has your Post Office screwed you over yet??
dang govt agencies thats the pits. talk about frustrating. they got me too (twice) its like talking to a brick wall and then having it lie to you to shut you up.
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RE: Has your Post Office screwed you over yet??
Always screwed by them! Nuff said! Hahaha! But yeah, I have had this happen once with Fed Ex too... had to poor the heat on them and they backed off and paid up!
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RE: Has your Post Office screwed you over yet??
Yeah, definitely go after them. That's why you bought insurance. It doesn't matter what they consider the value to be, it's what the value you paid for for the insurance!
This is a little different than what you had happen, but one of my side hobbies is painting miniatures, and I paint them to make a little extra money from time to time. I had a guy from around 900 miles from where I live that said he wanted me to paint for him, so he sent me the miniatures, I painted them, packaged them exactly as the person had sent them to me, and when he received them, several of them were broken, and he said that the one that was the largest (about 10" tall) was smashed into bits. When I packaged them, the big one was in the dead center of all of them, surrounded by foam and bubble wrap, and most of the ones around it towards the bottom weren't damaged, and the big one was in a pile of pieces on the top of the box. And, apparently, the packing tape had been cut, and the box was undamaged.

So, all I could figure was that since the miniatures total cost was about 800 bucks (and I got insurance), someone at the PO decided they were going to see if what was insured was worth taking, and since they didn't know the value of the miniatures, decided that it was better to just smash the thing to get it back in the box. The worst part of it was, even though the guy I did the painting for got the money back from the PO, he never did pay me because he blamed me for what the PO did. So, yeah, 30-40 hours worth of work ruined, and didn't even get paid to do it to boot.

RE: Has your Post Office screwed you over yet??
Man, that sucks. Worst I've had is getting a bubble mailer with a large rip down the back and a note from the P.O. saying, basically, "sorry your package is damaged. Here you go." Lost a nice Joe Flacco/Lee Evans dual auto #/10. And they wonder why people stop using the USPS.
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