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What's your favorite card?

RE: What's your favorite card?
My favorite in my collection has to be this....

[Image: scan0016_zps2548406a.jpg]

Runner up might be this...

[Image: scan0019_zps895f4fef.jpg]
[Image: NJbm45f.png]
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RE: What's your favorite card?
These 4 are my Favorite.
These are locked up and barely see the light of day...
[Image: Favrepatchcolors.jpg]
[Image: favreordgersstarr10patch.jpg]
[Image: reggiewhitebgs9helmet.jpg]
[Image: favrehelmetcolor.jpg]
[Image: newbanner_zps2f5eedb8.jpg]
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RE: What's your favorite card?
No real order to my favorites but these i love to look at.

Odrick Super 1/1
[Image: odricksuperfractor1-111-16-10.jpg]

Gadsden Pendamonium
[Image: pendamoniumog.jpg]

Marino Elway Dual auto #/15
[Image: 09NTDualauMarinoelwa6-1-10.jpg]

Wake LCM black 1/1
[Image: wakebalck1-110-30-12.jpg]

Cameron Wake IP auto on custom card.
[Image: wakeipauto3-16-12.jpg]

Chris Chambers 1/1 Logo
[Image: chamberslogo1-13-24-13_zps393f2bac.jpg]
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[Image: catch.gif]

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RE: What's your favorite card?
I will play

[Image: 11-26-2012033226AM.jpg]

[Image: 06-20-2012023917PM.jpg]

[Image: 03-11-2012040541AM.jpg]

[Image: 03-11-2012040330AM.jpg]

[Image: 07-22-2012074923PM.jpg]

[Image: 07-25-2012062125AM.jpg]

[Image: 07-17-2012010431AM.jpg]

[Image: 02-08-2013101034PM.jpg]

[Image: 07-26-2012045945AM.jpg]

[Image: 09-23-2011103827PM.jpg]
and since you said there is no limit here are some more lol.

[Image: 09-23-2011094021PM.jpg]

[Image: 03-17-2012064949PM.jpg]

[Image: 04-06-2012074726PM.jpg]

[Image: 01-02-2013012015AM.jpg]

[Image: 07-26-2012045343AM.jpg]

[Image: 08-05-2011040050PM.jpg]

[Image: 08-05-2011040718PM.jpg]

[Image: 08-05-2011040435PM.jpg]

[Image: 08-06-2012113714PM.jpg]

[Image: 01-02-2013020248AM.jpg]

I want to post more but I will stop so I dont hog the thread lol.
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RE: What's your favorite card?
honorable mention(s)

[Image: marinofivestar.jpg]

[Image: IMG_0006-1.jpg]

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RE: What's your favorite card?
Ok sooo with all the marino's I felt the need to post mine too Smile felt left out...lol

[Image: IMG_0003.jpg]

Got a 1/1 and a /25

[Image: IMG_0004.jpg]

[Image: 511625FA-2C2C-4C69-969A-B403DCC86DF1-168...3c000f.jpg]

[Image: 0FCC93FB-57A2-41CE-80C8-B58E67A9102E-180...27e0a1.jpg]

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RE: What's your favorite card?
i have several..

[Image: IMG_20130501_173657_350_zps108f2882.jpg]

[Image: tombradyEX_zps4ee62c7b.jpg]

[Image: 2013-04-04_18-42-09_945_zpsff3a4bec.jpg]

[Image: robertgriffin_zpsd0e4768a.jpg]

[Image: 2013-02-01_11-10-45_430_zpse4a05caf.jpg]

and this.
[Image: 2013-02-12_07-21-14_524_zps5e9442c4.jpg]
[Image: TT8dhuE.png]
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RE: What's your favorite card?
You need to send me that tannehill Smile

PC - Dolphins, Daniel Thomas, Parker, Ajayi, Jordan, Landry & Phins 1/1's

RE: What's your favorite card?
Gotta go with Joe Cool...Boom!!

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