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Semi O/T Trade With Pic's(older unique unopened packs + others)
Semi O/T Trade With Pic's(older unique unopened packs + others)
hello everyone..i have some random things of Baseball/nonsport id like to trade for football or sell thru paypal..possibly trade for baseball but slowely getting out of it for the most part.. but ya just random stuff left to me from my grandpa's passing

2 packs of "Rocky IV " cards by topps from 1985..9 cards in each pack..i thought they were unopened but looks like they have been opened and then taped shut..up to u if u want me to make 100% sure that there rocky cards in the pack..
[Image: rocky4_zpsa516394a.jpg]

4 packs of desert storm victory series cards by topps from 1991 8 cards in each pack 3 of the packs are sealed tight never opened..1 pack the seal has loosened but it has never been opened
[Image: desertstorm_zpsb9964c86.jpg]

2 unopened packs of 1991 jockey guild trading cards..12 cards per pack...on the pack it says there in celebration of jockeys guild 50th anniversary..theres also a gold sticker on each pack that says "collectors item 1st edition"
[Image: jockey_zpsdb7af7a4.jpg]

1 pack of unopened 1992 topps kids
6 packs of unopened 1992 kid griff holograms "premiere edition" they even come with a ken griffey jr seal of authenticity lol
[Image: toppskidsgriffy_zps98502974.jpg]

15+ Unopened Packs of 1989 1st,2nd,& 3rd series Topps BIG
[Image: toppsbig_zps1224e551.jpg]

1 Unopened Series 1 and 1 Unopened Series 2 The Elvis collection Packs
[Image: elvis_zps790fe362.jpg]

9 uncirculated 1975 president lyndon b johnson post cards
[Image: lbj_zps03f0bcab.jpg]

3 unopened playing card packs 1 is Budweiser from the mid 80's , 1 is pepsi from the mid 80's maybe even early 80's, and the other is coca cola from 1994
(just threw those in there cause who knows some people collect those things)
[Image: playingcards_zps9c3feb12.jpg]

Cal Ripken j/r , Babe Ruth , and Nolan Ryan(x2) 23k Gold booklet's
[Image: nolanryangold_zps4243ab67.jpg]
[Image: nolanryaninfo_zps14a90b4d.jpg]

[Image: calripkingold_zps75ed00c3.jpg]
[Image: calripkininfo_zpsb6284f5a.jpg]

[Image: baberuthgold_zps470d3b3b.jpg]
[Image: baberuthinfo_zps8108b7a3.jpg]

22K Gold Lou Gehrig
[Image: lougherigmain_zps6c75d1d1.jpg]
[Image: lougehrigfront_zpsd7b02376.jpg]
[Image: lougehrigback_zps1287349b.jpg]

thanx for looking! hope to hear back soon!


RE: Semi O/T Trade With Pic's(older unique unopened packs + others)
Check me for the gold cards

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