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Pls Help Identify and Price This Ripken jr?

Pls Help Identify and Price This Ripken jr?
Hello everyone

i found this Ripken amongst various things left to me from my grandpas collection but i have no clue what it is/how to find it on beckett if i can at all/ and what it is worth..any help would be greatly appreciated!

[Image: metalripkin_zpsb2cffbe9.jpg]

my pos cellphone camera gives it a lot more of a yellowish look then it really has..its more of a pale bronze type color..the card is also a metal card

and heres a picture of the serial numbering on the back kind of hard to see in the picture..again my pos camera Tongue but it says "Limited Edition #2764" other then that printed on the bottom back of the card everything else is exact replica of the 1982 topps Ripken..no addition years on the card or anything

[Image: ripkenserialnumber_zps7ea0200b.jpg]

thanx for looking Smile



RE: Pls Help Identify and Price This Ripken jr?
Looks like a 1996 Topps R and N China Ripken 1982 Reprint........Is it FT or FS ?
[Image: lbMplTF.png]
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