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Wanted: Allen and Ginter Traders

Wanted: Allen and Ginter Traders
I just got back into cards last year with the Ginter. I have a lot of extra base cards left from finishing my set up. If you have needs to finish up your set let me know and take a look at what I have in my collection. I would like to finish a couple of the mini insert sets or get some older Ginter cards in return. However make me an offer if your interested.


RE: Wanted: Allen and Ginter Traders
Read the info in this link to get started trading on this site. http://www.beckett.com/forums/announcement-8.html
I have about 600 different Allen and Ginter minis up for trade in my organize. Let me know when you get set up and maybe we can knock down a trade or 2. Thanks
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RE: Wanted: Allen and Ginter Traders
U have any minis from

Reg Back Minis- 96

A&G Back Minis NEEDED-

Black Border Minis NEEDED-

World's Biggest NEEDED-

Creatures, Legends, Myth and Joy Minis NEEDED-
Santa(1); Easter Bunny(2); Goldilocks(4); Paul Bunyan(6); Peter Pan(8); 3 Little Pigs(9); Little Engine That Could(10)

Celestial Stars Mini NEEDED-

PSA GRADED 1934 Goudey Set: 14/96


RE: Wanted: Allen and Ginter Traders
Jumping up and down over here!!!!!
[Image: NYNMRXJ.png]

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