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1989 topps???????

1989 topps???????
Would you try the gum

[Image: 785BA43C-F2CC-4928-B0A7-A4D915DB55CE-199...72a63e.jpg]
[Image: 6C3028DA-222D-46AB-98B7-BD7D0829F4B5-819...1b74d5.jpg]

RE: 1989 topps???????
Id try it lol I dont think it would do anything bad to you. Probably its lost its flavor or something or its consistency when you bite it or so......... its vintage gum!!! lol
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RE: 1989 topps???????
i wouldnt have eaten it back in 89

RE: 1989 topps???????
Eat it and let us know what happens?
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[Image: image_zpsd3640c04.jpg]

RE: 1989 topps???????
I remember back in like 94 or so, we bought some boxes of 87 topps and chewed on the gum. Granted its older now, but even then, it was rock hard and had no flavor. lol

Wish I could see the pic here at work. lol

RE: 1989 topps???????
A few years ago at the Toronto Expo a booth was selling older packs, I asked the guy if a I bought a pack and ate the gum in front of him how many packs would he give me for the entertainment value...in retrospect it wasn't worth the 5 packs of 86 topps I got out of it bleachhh!
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RE: 1989 topps???????
Been there, done that. The gum pretty is super crunchy and practically disintegrates as you attempt to chew it.
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RE: 1989 topps???????
It's basically like a candy cigarette at this point. Pretty much turns to powder.

RE: 1989 topps???????
Why not? Couldn't do any harm...

RE: 1989 topps???????
no harm, but it will never be gum again Tongue lol
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