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Getting cases?

Getting cases?
This may seem stupid but I'm looking to buy some of those magnetic cases for some of my patch autos but I don't know how this the cards are? And If I buy the magnetic cases for the thicker cards I've got will the smaller ones fit in there without getting messed up? Any help would be appreciated. I'd just like to know before I purchase them.

RE: Getting cases?
buy the size you need for the size of the card... maybe its just me but I dint think you want to put a 20pt card in a 120pt mag ... too much movement and more chance of curling... I usually buy all different sizes and keep like 10 or so of each size on hand for the unexpected hugh mail days Smile ...also I have 1 of each size marked with a sharpie so I can figure out what sizes some of the middle size cards are before opening the sealed size or to make a list of how many of what sizes i need when I go to the LCS to re-stock.

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RE: Getting cases?
its all in how you store them i think...i've seen some people fold up plastic sleeves and put them in with the magnetic cases to fill them up a bit more so they dont slide and wobble around in there..

i personally just got rid of ALL my snap/screwdown cases and just use a sleeve/toploader/teambag..

saved a ton of space...and realized the amount of money i wasted on those bulky cases

RE: Getting cases?
I only use magnetic cases on PC cards that I absolutely love and want kept good, or on high end cards that are going to be trade bait to keep them clean for future folks. Also, getting the top loaders and sleeves are a great way to save space & money.

There is a link if you google "card thickness" it will give you a good rundown of what types of cards are how thick and such.

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