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2012-13 Prestige Marked FT

2012-13 Prestige Marked FT
Picked up last box of prestige for kicks I personally only collect baseball but 55.00, just finished putting it all in the org, want baseball, mainly giants, only basketball ill trade for is Kobe or Jordan. Thanks for the looks

RE: Busted a box of prestige
Well, what did you get? LOL

RE: Busted a box of prestige
P jones the 3rd auto , Kidd gilchrist auto, don't rememember the patch couple Irving cards too much the list

RE: 2012-13 Prestige Marked FT
I have a few inserts from a baseball Topps box I busted in my org.... if there is anything you need start a trade and Ill find something to trade im sure
Collecting Clarence Weatherspoon

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