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opc/ud misprint??

opc/ud misprint??
I have opened a box of OPC 2012/2013 last night and came across a Stephane Robidas and has a completely blank back. It was only card like this in the box and does not appear to be an insert or special crad of any kind just a misprint. I was hoping that I may glean more information on the rarity of this or other misprints in the OPC series. Thanks
i am not sure how to post pictures yet will post some as soon as i resolve how to do so.

RE: opc/ud misprint??
The card that you have pulled it the Blank Back Parallel. These cards I believe fall a coupe per cards. As for a print run, upper deck does not release the information as to how many of each are are produced but they are a lot like the Victory Black parallel's.

[Image: 35754349162_ed852a8323.jpg]

Bucket: https://www.flickr.com/photos/123198232@N04/albums

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