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who would you pick?

who would you pick?
WHo would you pick for your team's 1st round pick?

I would have the packers pick, eddie lacy or ryan swope.
26th pick
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RE: who would you pick?
for the 31st pick via 49ers, I would take DT Jesse Williams
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RE: who would you pick?
I would trade up and grab Dee Milliner from Alabama. We have the 12th pick and he is projected to go top 5. We do have extra picks to get a trade done. Needless to say my fingers are crossed.
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RE: who would you pick?
1st pick I want the Chiefs to take either Joeckel or Milliner. Idk how much I trust Sean Smith starting opposite of Flowers
Also, it may be a little crazy but I wouldn't be mad if the Chiefs took Geno Smith #1 either. He had a great pro day and I dont think Alex Smith is the long term solution to the QB position. I would love see them draft and develop a QB for once
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RE: who would you pick?
ugh, the raiders have so much FAIL going on i cant even think of just one. but if i had the chance to have any pick id have to go with Luke Joeckel to attempt to build up our offensive line and protect our best player.
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RE: who would you pick?
im buffalo.. id like to see us get jarvis jones in the 1st rd and pick up nassib in the 2nd.. maybe trade up to late 1st to snag him. I do not foresee this.
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