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it's not much but .....
Right on pbean!
[Image: Mic_SPA_Banner1.jpg]
Yes!! Congrats PBean!
I like cards serial numbered 34/xx
[Image: RD1.jpg]
Still working on 2009 Topps Magic Autos
Sweet! Congrats, pbeans!
Always interested in any Wisco alums I don't have.
[Image: banner2_zpsa33ddbe8.jpg]
The Wisconsin Collection
Great stuff Bean! Now you need to show off your other rainbows!
[Image: 1c4478fb-d731-4d9f-ba14-899045a13077_zps5489e52d.jpg]
thanks everyone ..... it was a fun "rainbow" to finally finish Smile

still talk to Panini about bringing back Score Inscriptions, think it was their best set ever, rookies, vets, sp's, best $45 you can spend on a box IMHO Smile
That looks awesome! Congrats on getting it done!
Collecting = Peyton Manning
Manning PC
(03-16-2013, 02:35 PM)branesergen Wrote: That looks awesome! Congrats on getting it done!
thanks to you it was way easier bud Smile

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