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Adding to an existing customer registry

Adding to an existing customer registry
I looked through the threads and have not found the answer...and for the life of me I can figure this out.

Yesterday I created a custom registry for NFL HOFers. Today, I received a new card in the mail and wanted to add it to this existing registry and I can't figure it out...if I had it yesterday I would have got it :-)

I guess it's not as simple as going into the registry and clicking on add card to registry because it comes up with invalid serial number. I can't find how I got to the point yesterday when setting it up that you add a card..then go back in and add that card to the registry...

Shouldn't be this complicatated...or is it just me?
Always looking for BGS or BVG graded cards for HOFers....especially the skilled positions.

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RE: Adding to an existing customer registry
Just you lol look at the 2nd thread under this one. I have provided screen shots.
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