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Remember When You Said...

RE: Remember When You Said...
John beck would be mine
Collecting Dolphins, PSU Alumni(in college uni)
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RE: Remember When You Said...
University of Texas alum
I like cards serial numbered 34/xx
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Still working on 2009 Topps Magic Autos

RE: Remember When You Said...
Freddie Mitchell

It is not a football name but I believed Shawn Bradley would be a premier Sixer center.

:double facepalm
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RE: Remember When You Said...
LenDale White - I thought he would be ablt to bust 230 one day and not just pounds
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1) Reggie White Auto
2) 2005 Topps Fan Favorite John Elway Auto (Baseball)
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RE: Remember When You Said...
Wendell Bryant. Jamar Fletcher. Erasmus James. Yep, all big-time 1st round Wisco busts! Oh, I think Michael Bennett (the RB recently convicted in the Tampa check-cashing fraud scheme) was a 1st rounder too! lol
Always interested in any Wisco alums I don't have.
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RE: Remember When You Said...
I'm the kiss of death on prospecting. I bought loads of Ashlie Lelie, Rashaun woods, Dwayne Jarrett, John Beck, Lee Suggs, and Stefan Lefors.

RE: Remember When You Said...
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RE: Remember When You Said...
Phil Robertson, now look what he is doing Terrorizing 8th grade girls by teaching them how to clean a duck on Career Day. Smile

Sorry couldn't pass that up. however you do have to wonder how high he would have went in the draft, and if he would have been better than Bradshaw, or if the Steeler's would have drafted him instead....
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