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Remember When You Said...

RE: Remember When You Said...
Man so totally sounds like Ryan Leaf!

RE: Remember When You Said...
(03-15-2013, 10:33 AM)butterworth1326 Wrote: Brian Robiskie, invested some real $$, can't even trade patch autos for base cards...
Yeah that's who I was going to say too....you can find a lot from the Browns...how about James Davis, Tim Couch, even to some extent Kellen Winslow Jr.
Always looking for BGS or BVG graded cards for HOFers....especially the skilled positions.

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RE: Remember When You Said...
Not someone I collect, but for the past few years people have been going crazy talking about how amazing Kevin Kolb would be when he finally got his chance...

...not so much.

RE: Remember When You Said...
Rick Mirer Undecided

Me and my buddy bumped heads for years. He thought Bledsoe was going to be big.... He won that one LMAO !!!!

RE: Remember When You Said...
Didnt collect him but I thought we had a steal with Clausen in the 2nd round. lol boy was I wrong. At least we made up for it with Cam the next year Big Grin

RE: Remember When You Said...
Lol kinda random but i always used to say Jerious Norwood was going to be huge....that definietly never happened
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RE: Remember When You Said...
Id have to go with Felix Jones.
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RE: Remember When You Said...
I don't really watch much college football, but I did see a few Notre Dame and USC games when Brady Quinn and Matt Leinart were qb's there. I thought they were going to be great pros... No more watching college games and trying to evaluate NFL talent for me. Lol. In fact when I predict a star from watching a college game it's pretty much the kiss of death. Big Grin
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RE: Remember When You Said...
One of my guys was Curtis Painter, but the shoes were to big to fit. Also, Mohamed Massaquoi. His injuries keep him from being a star. He was good here at UGA.
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RE: Remember When You Said...
I was expecting a lot of Ryan Williams responses.
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