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1997 Jeff Gordon Pinnacle Pepsi Autographed Card????

1997 Jeff Gordon Pinnacle Pepsi Autographed Card????
Out of a collection I recently purchased, I found a Jeff Gordon Pinnacle Pepsi card that is autographed on the front. At first I assumed that someone had Jeff sign it at a race or an event, but I am thrown by the back. Every other one of the Pepsi cards I've seen are printed 1 of 3, 2 of 3 or 3 of 3 on the back. Where that would be, this one is hand numbered "1 of 24". Have you ever seen this card before? Was this card actually made by Pinnacle for the Pepsi promotion as a near impossible to get autographed card? Any info that anyone has would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks, Michael
So, I tried to attach pictures, but I obviously did something wrong. If anyone wants me to try to upload them again, let me know. Michael

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RE: 1997 Jeff Gordon Pinnacle Pepsi Autographed Card????
I can see the 1st pic, but not the 2nd one. I really can't help you with info on this card though. There are a few members that should be able to give you some info about the card. I'm sure they'll respond once they see this post.
Also, using the 'thumbnail upload option' to post pics in threads doesn't work most of the time. Most members here upload pics to Photobucket or ImageShack and post the IMG link inside the post to make pics show up in the thread. It is also the best way to make a scan show up in your signature here.

RE: 1997 Jeff Gordon Pinnacle Pepsi Autographed Card????
Thanks for the advice! I have uploaded the pictures to photobucket, so hopefully they can be viewed now!


RE: 1997 Jeff Gordon Pinnacle Pepsi Autographed Card????
what you appear to have is a fake autograph. These cards were a 3 card set randomly put in pepsi cases. I have never heard of any being officially signed.

The signature is very poor. I know sometimes when they are walking the signature changes but this just isnt how he normally signs. Also I can not imagine that if it were a certified they would just cover up the original numbering. It would more than likely be placed over to the side and numbered or embossed.

You might have a converstation piece but that would be about it

RE: 1997 Jeff Gordon Pinnacle Pepsi Autographed Card????
Yeah, I definitely thought the autograph was highly suspect which is why I didn't pay anything extra for it in the collection when I bought it! However, when I noticed the hand numbering on the back, that really threw me. I didn't think that the "1" and "3" were even present but since you mentioned that, I looked at it under a glass and I think I see a spot of yellow showing through. Mystery solved and it looks like Old Man Withers has been up to his poor forging tricks again! Thanks for your help!

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