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Wanted!! Kendall Marshall!

Wanted!! Kendall Marshall!
Looking for all Kendall Marshall's I don't have- on the more common stuff, I'm looking for BELOW EBAY PRICES, otherwise I would just buy from there. Thank You in Advance! here's a list by brand, type and serial #ing:

Absolute Auto RC 249

Contenders Base Auto RC -
Contenders Gold Auto 10
Contenders Substantial Signatures Materials Prime JSY/Auto 10

Elite Base RC 599
Elite Aspirations 88
Elite Rookie Inscriptions Auto -
Elite Elite Status 12
Elite Elite Status Gold 24

Leaf Ultimate Red Auto 5
Leaf Ultimate State Pride Red Auto 5

Leaf Signature Red Auto 5
Leaf Signature Droppin' Dimes Red Auto 5
Leaf Signature Inscriptions -
Leaf Signature Inscriptions Silver 10
Leaf Signature Inscriptions Gold 5
Leaf Signature Inscriptions Blue 3
Leaf Signature Inscriptions Red 2

Limited Auto RC 349
Limited Unlimited Potential Auto 99

Prestige Bonus Shots Black 10

Prizm Prizm Prizms (Refractor) -
Prizm Prizm Prizms Gold 10

Timeless Treasures Auto RC 499
Timeless Treasures Silver Auto 25
Timeless Treasures Gold Auto 10

Totally Certified Gold Parallel 25
Totally Certified Green Parallel 5
Totally Certified Rookie Roll Call Base Auto -
Totally Certified Rookie Roll Call Blue Auto 49
Totally Certified Rookie Roll Call Green Auto 5
My Website: thepointguard.weebly.com
Also Collecting: Five Star Autos, '50s Topps Sets
Current Top Wants: '15 Chipper Jones & Other Five Star Autos
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