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OT : Shipping etiquette

OT : Shipping etiquette
Should there be a permanent thread on shipping etiquette? I know this topic get's some people's dander up,But people please! I'm not going to name names.

#1 Take the time to package the cards so they don't bounce,rattle,skip,jump,hop etc etc... in the plastic case you sent them in.Tape the lid down with tape.We do not collect the cards because their damaged.
(See example of poor packaging)
[Image: badship004_zpsc7ee3a93.jpg]

# 2) Buy a postal scale! There is nothing worse than going out to the mailbox and receiving your side of the trade and there is a friendly reminder from your postal carrier (see example) Stating you have postage due! I know it's just .23 cents but it's the principle of it.

[Image: postage_zps228afde5.jpg]

#3 Use these blank cards(you know the ones the card mfgs use to fool pack searchers) as spacers to put above the cards and below the cards in the plastic case you ship them in.Use packing peanuts to help fill the void (see example)
Top ;
[Image: package001_zpsee01243b.jpg]

Bottom;[Image: package002_zps08b1202c.jpg]

[Image: 4493bcb91_zpsb323e81b.jpg]

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