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Temporary Fix For The Trade 404 ERROR

Temporary Fix For The Trade 404 ERROR
Good day, Beckett Community!

The issues with the Trade Tool are still going strong, and I can tell you that all of us Moderators are hearing about it! Haha! We welcome the feedback and are more than willing to help in any way that we can... just please keep in mind that we do not run the site and have limited contact with the Admins and Developers. The purpose of this thread is to help you guys out, so I will do my best with this.

Only one or two trades seem to be affected by the 404 ERROR that is ongoing, and this makes things a bit easier to deal with. The goal is to create a defunct trade to occupy the hindrance so that it does not plague anything further. To do this you will need complete cooperation from your trading partner, so keep in touch through the PM system about your phantom trade.

First you will have to reestablish the cards from the defunct trade back into your Organize. If you have already removed the cards from your Org. and cannot remember which ones they were, simply contact the person that you had the defunct trade with and ask them. They should have them in their Org. under Recently traded. Add the lost cards back into your Org. and mark them For Trade again, by placing 1's in the Have and Trade Away columns. In order to keep these "phantom" cards separate from all of the others in your Org., create a Collection ("Phantom Trade;" "Trade With Jeff;" etc.) for them alone, and do not move them until the trade is complete.

Next you will need to resubmit the trade to your trading partner. This is where they have to be in complete harmony with you. Start another trade with the member, and add the cards to the exact point that they were in the defunct trade. Send the offer back to the other member so that they can accept it. To protect yourselves better, you should not add other cards to the trade! If you have marked the defunct trade as shipped, do so with this phantom trade. Any steps that have been taken in the defunct trade should be mirrored in this phantom trade. Once again you should have full control over all of the trades in your Trade Tool!

Now, there are some drawbacks of this solution...

One: you will have a defunct trade left in your Trade Tool. I know that some people do not have an issue with this, but I am a tad OCD, and it bugs me! Haha! This is something that cannot be fixed at this time, so we will all have to deal with it.

Two: holding Feedback "hostage." This is something that is not condoned as it is, and this situation will not change this fact. The 404 ERROR problem will be fixed in the near future, and we will all have to leave Feedback for the defunct trade. The Feedback for the defunct trade should be the default five stars. Period! Mark the feedback for the phantom trade appropriately, but leave this one at five stars as to not affect the other trader negatively. There is no way for your trading partner to control which trade is defunct, so do not leave negative or depleted Feedback. At worst, leave "Defunct Trade" in the comments.

This is not an official solution to the 404 ERROR problem, but it is a way that I think we can build around it. I have to give credit to Mark (mswatson) for the ideas that he posted in the Help Forums. His idea is a fantastic remedy for this issue, and I am just helping spread the word! If any other members have come up with a temporary solution, have something to add to this post, or just want to comment, please feel free to leave your input!

I thank you for your time and patience, Beckett Community! Happy trading!


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