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Personal Behind the Scenes Journal Leading Up to Super Bowl 47
Most awesome Duch,
[Image: TotallySports.png]
Collecting Steven Jackson, Sam Bradford, Peyton Manning, Derek Jeter,Andre Ethier, Clayton Kershaw, Rickey Henderson, Kobe Bryant
Ha I see your point. They are all odd when you think about it...no idea about the Cardinals...I just know they started off in Chicago originally and when I grew up there I didn't spot one cardinal (even at the zoo). But Tennessee is known for it's Grizzlies Tongue.

(01-25-2013, 08:26 PM)Duchovny2 Wrote: You know, as I have thought about it all day, NBA teams don't really have fierce names, ya know? In fact, there are a lot of similarities as to why the name Pelicans was chosen.

The Orlando Magic: Obvious nod to Disney
Miami Heat: You ever been there? It gets pretty hot sometimes
Los Angeles Lakers: After one year of being in Minnesota (which makes more sense), they moved to Los Angeles and kept the Lakers name
Utah Jazz: same thing, moved from New Orleans and kept the name Jazz ( where is jazz in Utah?)
Chicago Bulls: known for being a rough team in the 70s, got their name around the other Chicago teams
Boston Celtics: the original owner wanted to sell tickets to the Irish market
Cleveland Cavaliers: The father of MLB pitcher Brett Tomko won a write in contest of over 11,000 entries
Atlanta Hawks:The franchise was formed in 1946 and known as the Buffalo Bisons. After only 13 games in its inaugural season, owner Ben Kerner moved the team to Moline, Illinois. (At that time, the area was known as the "Tri-Cities" (Moline, Rock Island, Illinois, and Davenport, Iowa.), though today it is called the Quad Cities). Kerner renamed the team the Tri-Cities Blackhawks; the Blackhawks were named after the Black Hawk War that was mostly fought in Illinois.

In 1951, the franchise relocated to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and shortened their nickname to simply "Hawks"

Detroit Pistons: .....DUH

Sorry bout the history lesson, but that's a few of them. The funniest thought to me happens to be a football team, the Cardinals. Correct me if I'm wrong, but would you think of ever seeing this:

Oh GOD honey! Get the kids in the house ! There's a cardinal in that tree in the back yard! He's gonna haul little Jeffrey off!
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If you smoke in your home, please don't trade me.

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