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Thursday mail scanned on my new scanner!
(01-25-2013, 12:24 AM)branesergen Wrote: Thanks! I cant believe how clear it is!

Next step, rescan the Manning PC. Don't lie, you know you're going to... LOL
I like cards serial numbered 34/xx
[Image: RD1.jpg]
Still working on 2009 Topps Magic Autos
LOL Thats going to be AWHILE! 1050 cards - Not anytime soon lol By the time I get around to doing it there will be 2000 lol I'm actually ok with the scans of the Manning PC Big Grin - But now I have a reason to do the Magic, Random and BGS PC's Big Grin
Collecting = Peyton Manning
Manning PC
WOW the new scanner looks amazing compared to the old one. And lol at the dupe Manning. I've done that a few times with Largents and didnt even realize I bought a dupe till I looked through my collection and saw 2 of them haha
Looking for Largents
[Image: largentrainbow_zps361408c2.jpg]
skc444's bucket
Great pickups. The Finest Barry Sanders card is awesome. Great new scanner too.
Currently collect: NON-SERIAL NUMBERED autos, Topps, and Topps Chrome cards of players in Bengals uniforms.
Thanks SKC - I just realized the Donruss is a dupe too lol I've been trying so hard not to buy dupes too lol I love this new scanner Big Grin

Thanks Nine - Had to pick it up. That was one of my favorite sets when it came out. Can never go wrong with a refractor either Big Grin
Collecting = Peyton Manning
Manning PC
Great pickups! The college materials card is cool!

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