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My so-so mailday........

RE: My so-so mailday........
nice adds! love the favre.. guess the tebow is so-so.. :p
[Image: TT8dhuE.png]
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RE: My so-so mailday........
Nice adds man, love the Favre for sure
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RE: My so-so mailday........
Very nice additions!
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RE: My so-so mailday........
not bad at all....congrats
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RE: My so-so mailday........
All pretty nice cards!!!

RE: My so-so mailday........
BOOM! Love the Favre jersey on your boy! The card is nice too! Smile
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RE: My so-so mailday........
Thanks everyone. Favre is my all time favorite player just don't chase him like others do. At least not in the card world. And uwash that's just one of the jerseys I have for the kids. That Favre has been passed down through three kids now. Its gotten its monies worth for sure.
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RE: My so-so mailday........
Big time looking Favre auto card. Sweet pickups.
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RE: My so-so mailday........
Very nice pick up! That Favre is awesome.
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