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Redskins316 where are you

Redskins316 where are you
Has anybody heard or seen him on here...Havent seen any post from him just wondering

RE: Redskins316 where are you
I haven't talked to him since my last submission.
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RE: Redskins316 where are you
Was wondering what had happened to Tony myself....
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RE: Redskins316 where are you
I remember him saying his maildays would be few and far between so I guess he has been busy with other obligations right now. Hope all is well with him.

RE: Redskins316 where are you
Thanks guys fo noticing I was gone.!!!!...lol I do appreicate it. I have been busy and just taking a break, was burnt out both mentally and financially with the hobby for the last two months. I will be back soon and I'm coming in strong..lol
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