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5 cards for trade; 2 football, 1 hockey, 2 basketball

5 cards for trade; 2 football, 1 hockey, 2 basketball
I have 5 cards in my collection that aren't baseball, and I only collect baseball. So I'd like to trade these cards towards baseball. The cards are as follows:

2010-11 Prestige #151 John Wall RC
2000-01 BAP Signature Series Franchise Players #F3 Joe Thornton (anncd #, 30)
2002 Fleer Authentix Jersey Authentix Ripped #JADM Donovan McNabb
2005 Leaf Certified Materials Certified Skills Gold #36 Drew Bennett (#40/50)
2009-10 Rookies and Stars Dressed For Success Materials Prime Signatures #25 DeMarre Carroll (#1/10; his jersey number)

I'm mainly interested in trading one for one with the Joe Thornton and DeMarre Carroll. I'd be willing to accept one baseball card of about $15.00 in BV for the other three.

All 5 cards are listed in my org for trade, so please send open offers. I collect current Blue Jays (prospects and roster players) and current Washington Nationals (especially Harper and Strasburg).

One other thing about the John Wall RC; on the back, it mentions that the attached autograph is guaranteed by Panini America, Inc. but the card is not autographed. Guess this is sort of an "error" card.

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