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Jordan die cut complete
Jordan die cut complete
Finally got the final card I needed to complete this I'm stoked just wanted to share

[Image: 5E322DBA-498E-470E-A1CC-717F619E1B1E-819...f80857.jpg]
[Image: 6C3028DA-222D-46AB-98B7-BD7D0829F4B5-819...1b74d5.jpg]

RE: Jordan die cut complete
very nice! UD did some great piece-the-cards together sets in the 90s.
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RE: Jordan die cut complete
thats a nice set, i still need the middle and right. its hard to believe i pulled the left one 16 years ago lol.
[Image: 7966e60e-33ac-4de8-bdd9-1ba754cc86b5_zps67dad6ae.jpg]

RE: Jordan die cut complete
Sweet, thanks for sharing.
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