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The Great Trade Up Thread Competition Spectators Page

RE: The Great Trade Up Thread Competition Spectators Page
(01-08-2013, 10:38 AM)jamesray3 Wrote: I love the idea and have tried working on helping out some involved. I love watching it play out and do hope that idea's like this help increase traffic and get the population involved in the site.

Just was simply saying at some point the trades are going to get hard unless those involved pick up some key cards and are able to work with those that PC the players. It would be easy for me to deal someone a $25 BV card for a $12 BV card. I am just curious to see at what point things get more difficult for the traders to continue.

I agree a $100 card won't be as easy to just swap in a single shot. For one there are less $100 cards available generally. My goal is high though so stay tuned for a strong run. I appreciate you all playing along. Maybe you can join next round and the favors can be returned.
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