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FS/FT: Sonny Gray autos

FS/FT: Sonny Gray autos
Hey guys, new to this site but have 50+ positive on blowout and my eBay Id is K_griffey_jr_2430 with 830+ positives. I will send first.

I am looking for Griffey inserts from the 90s but will consider anything.
[Image: 15BDEEAC-9FA4-433E-95B5-B4492BFD928F-402...98B1D9.jpg]
[Image: Untitled.jpg]
[Image: 5A2DA184-2447-4038-A260-834845EECE0C-402...3C1016.jpg]
[Image: Untitled-5.jpg]
[Image: Untitled-6.jpg]
[Image: file-15.jpg]

RE: FS/FT: Sonny Gray autos
Hey welcome to beckett forums. I know the drama that comes with scanning and uploading the pics but you still have to place each card in your org and mark them for trade and/or sale before posting or your thread will be deleted. I would like a shot at these if/when you do. Thanks
I collect "THE 27 CLUB" - Matt Kemp & Mike Trout RC's
[Image: RyinvZK.png]
[Image: beckett2_zps5fe6c285.jpg]
Props to jbel4331

RE: FS/FT: Sonny Gray autos
Welcome to Beckett. I'd be interested in one of those Gray/Cole duals as well as the Gray/Springer dual and the orange Zunino. And if there's lots you want, I'd take a patch auto of his from Platinum too. Please check me for those once the stuff is in your org. Cheers.
Trading for cut autos of baseball HOFers, autos of current and future Cleveland Indians (esp. B. Bradley, N. Jones, Kluber, Lindor, Mejia & Zimmer) & autos of Cleveland Browns. Top PC Wants: Brett Favre auto.

RE: FS/FT: Sonny Gray autos
ok guys thanks. Still getting used to updating my org correctly. Ill put them in and PM you too see if they show up right.

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