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4 Boxes - (2) Triple Threads & (2) Prime Signatures

4 Boxes - (2) Triple Threads & (2) Prime Signatures
It wasn't pretty....LOL. All available for sale only, feel free to PM offers. Most will be on the bay come Sunday.

Prime Signatures

Ryan Fitzpatrick Red Proof 47/99
Brian Cushing 238/499
Matt Cassel 189/499
Hines Ward 447/499
Darren Sproles 332/499
Danario Alexander 092/499

Shea McClellin 46/49

[Image: scan0039.jpg]

A.J. Jenkins 90/99

[Image: scan0040.jpg]
Topps Triple Threads

Demaryius Thomas 08/99
Dez Bryant 131/170
LeSean McCoy 161/170
Malcom Floyd 095/310
Sam Bradford 238/310
Christian Ponder 248/310

#d /989

Dan Marino
Troy Polamalu
Wes Welker
Antonio Gates
Hakeem Nicks
Jonathan Stewart
Beanie Wells
LeSean McCoy
Jason Gore
Jason Pierre-Paul
Vernon Davis

Ryan Mathews 24/99 Jersey #

[Image: scan0047.jpg]

Patrick Willis 28/36

[Image: scan0058.jpg]

Ryan Tannehill 52/99

[Image: scan0059.jpg]

Russell Wilson 27/99

[Image: scan0061.jpg]

MJD / Ray Rice / Michael Turner 8/9

[Image: scan0060.jpg]

Coby Fleener 45/99....the only Colt I can pull....

[Image: scan0056.jpg]

Joe Adams 67/99

[Image: scan0055.jpg]

Ronnie Hilman 95/99

[Image: scan0054.jpg]

Fortunately this was in the last pack or it would have really been an ugly break, helps a little....

Russell Wilson 09/25

[Image: scan0057.jpg]

I did get a 1/1.....having a strong year.

Reggie Bush 1/1

[Image: scan0048.jpg]

RE: 4 Boxes - (2) Triple Threads & (2) Prime Signatures
I think the best card, at least as far as I can tell, might be the Russell Wilson.

RE: 4 Boxes - (2) Triple Threads & (2) Prime Signatures
The Wilson is a nice hit and the pro bowl backs card is sick! The triple threads wasn't too bad. I love the look of the cards but it does seem like a real boom or bust box this year.
Always willing to trade for Dwyane Wade/Alonzo Mourning Cards

RE: 4 Boxes - (2) Triple Threads & (2) Prime Signatures
Wish you could have pulled a monster or at least something for the pc, Mr. 264. Sad The Russell Wilson is nice though. Great number. Big Grin Congratulations on the 1/1 pull too.
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RE: 4 Boxes - (2) Triple Threads & (2) Prime Signatures
Nice bush #"d1/1
[Image: marksig1.jpg]


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