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Panini Black Friday

Panini Black Friday
Here are the football pulls from my 64 pack break.

3 Calvin Johnson x2
4 Eli Manning x2
5 Aaron Rodgers x2
6 Adrian Foster x2
7 Jamaal Charles x2
[Image: photo2-4.jpg]

25 Robert Griffin III (520/599)
26 Doug Martin (459/599)
30 Michael Floyd (485/599)
48 Russell Wilson (050/599)
48 Russell Wilson (445/599)
[Image: photo4-1.jpg]

1 Matthew Stafford x2
2 Andre Johnson
3 Tony Romo x2
5 Rob Gronkowski x2
6 Tim Tebow
[Image: photo3-1.jpg]

6 Robert Griffin III
8 Darren McFadden x3
9 Tim Tebow
11 Troy Polamalu x3
12 Calvin Johnson x2
13 Ray Lewis x2
14 Andrew Luck x2
[Image: photo5-1.jpg]

"Gold" insert
Robert Griffin III x2
[Image: photo3-2.jpg]

Gridiron Kings
1 Andrew Luck x2
1 Jim Brown x3
2 Morris Claiborne x3
3 Justin Blackmon
3 John Riggins x2
4 Trent Richardson x2
10 Russell Wilson x2
[Image: photo1-5.jpg]

Cracked Ice
Jim Brown
Robert Griffin III
[Image: photo4-2.jpg]

Printers Proof
Trent Richardson
[Image: photo5-2.jpg]

Hat card
12 Russell Wilson
[Image: photo1-6.jpg]

Super Bowl XLVI
1 Eli Manning
13 Rob Gronkowski
[Image: photo2-6.jpg]

Autographed Super Bowl XLVI
7 Jason Pierre-Paul
[Image: photo3-3.jpg]

Prestige NFL Draft
2 Robert Griffin III
4 Matt Kalil
4 Matt Kalil
10 Dontari Poe
15 Dre Kirkpatrick
20 Nick Perry
[Image: photo4-3.jpg]

If anyone is interested in my pulls for the other sports, here are the links:
baseball - http://www.beckett.com/forums/thread-1520341.html
basketball - http://www.beckett.com/forums/thread-1520342.html
football - http://www.beckett.com/forums/thread-1520343.html
hockey - http://www.beckett.com/forums/thread-1520344.html


RE: Panini Black Friday
OMG I'm a huge fan of that New Era swatch!!!!
''I've never been in style, so I can never go out of style." - Lillian Gish ( 1
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RE: Panini Black Friday
Totally digging the NYG hits!

RE: Panini Black Friday
That Russell Wilson hat card is sweet.
Collecting John Stockton, Karl Malone, Ivan Rodriguez, Gary Carter & UF player rookie year cards. Plus Jedd Gyorko rookie and prospect cards.
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RE: Panini Black Friday
Sweet looking cards. The JPP auto card is a looker.
Currently collect: NON-SERIAL NUMBERED autos, Topps, and Topps Chrome cards of players in Bengals uniforms.

RE: Panini Black Friday
Nice Poe
[Image: 4E727BD9-orig.jpg]

Tyson Jackson
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Autos - 164/249 - 66 %
Mems - 221/280 - 79 %
RC - 38/38 - 100 %
1/1s - 21
Total Tyson Jackson Cards Including Dupes 641

RE: Panini Black Friday
woulda been interested in the gronk goal post if i hadnt have just bought it off ebay yesterday Sad

Rob Gronkowski RC collection 34/36 Any help is appreciated!

[Image: GronkBanner2.jpg]
Thanks to jkiddlridnour for making the banner! Smile

RE: Panini Black Friday
PM me about a Mo Claiborne
[Image: Z7CfI.png]
Atlanta Braves (Heyward, Beachy), Dallas Cowboys (Dez, Claiborne), Iowa Hawkeyes, Georgia Bulldogs (AJ Green), collecting them all!

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RE: Panini Black Friday
Not bad... Not bad at all. Lol.
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Jaiquawn Jarrett - 36/40 90%
[Image: THgDe-1.gif]
[Image: Trotter1-1.jpg]

RE: Panini Black Friday
VERY interested in the Gronk Pylon if you are trading. Let me know, thanks!
[Image: 9tnms3F.png]
Collecting Tom Brady, Rob Gonkowski, Mike Trout and Baseball HOF Relics

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