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I drank my Mello Yello and watched Car-Mello

I drank my Mello Yello and watched Car-Mello
With all the hype focused on players like Harden, Durant, Kobe, LeBron, etc...have people forgotten about Mello?

After this year, his name will be mentioned ...

He's really good. 30 pts 10 boards in Debut against the Heat. I feel he's up there with Durrant if not better IMO. I just feel he's been over looked and not discussed enough. His name is rarely mentioned with the others ^. I'm pretty sure he notices too and will come out this year in beast mode.

You can add MELLO to my list on that other thread made by "quavis" for hot/cold high/low value players...his will rise tooSmile

Any thoughts?

Who do you consider to be over looked?

RE: I drank my Mello Yello and watched Car-Mello
He played very good... I think the Knick will be just fine. Hopefully Amare comes back healthy and soon

RE: I drank my Mello Yello and watched Car-Mello
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RE: I drank my Mello Yello and watched Car-Mello
I've always liked Melo, but he did score 30pts off of 28 shots. That's Iverson like numbers, lol. Overall he had a very good game otherwise. People aren't really focused on him right now because of all the other stuff that's been going on in the league. When he went to NY everyone was calling him the best scorer in the league as far as being able to get his own shot. I think what fails him is that he stays consistent in his game. Meaning that it hasn't really elevated over time. You know that he will score and on occasions he'll give you flashes of solid defense. He'll get rebounds but he isn't a banger. He'll pass, but nothing really sets up his teammates. He's kind of like the new age Nique Wilkins. The difference is that Melo could actually be a shutdown defensive player if he wants to be.
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RE: I drank my Mello Yello and watched Car-Mello
he does seem lazy at times during a game. He's definitely not getting any younger. He needs to change that part of his game now before it gets harder for him as he ages.

30 pts on 28 shots is pretty ugh...lol I'm not complaining about that because he's on my fantasy teamSmile

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