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Small FS thread...HELP ME BUY VINTAGE!
I'm trying to raise some money to get the 1955 Bowman "TV" Hank Aaron, Eddie Mathews and Ernie Banks from my LCS and don't wanna part with more than I have to baseball wise since I have a FS thread in Football too so I'm starting with these to help me raise some funds.

[Image: baseballfs.jpg]

[Image: bbfs2.jpg]
price is for the lot

[Image: bbfs3.jpg]
price is for the lot
[Image: bbfs4.jpg]

Free shipping over $10 otherwise shipping is $2 w/ DC
bump! looks like everyone else decided to sell stuff the same time as me, but I'm cheaper!!
I'll do the Rose.
23isit's bucket
Collecting hall of famer GU and auto's. Todays stars
[Image: philliesbanner2.jpg]

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