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Quick shoutout long over due

Quick shoutout long over due
hey guys,
I wanted to give a shout out to shaun (acevanquish). i have made a few trade with him since this summer and there is never any worry of book values/ sell values, just very easy to deal with. he always go way above and beyond in how he packages his cards and they are almost over protected. i spent 5 minutes unwrapping bubble wrap on our last trade. To top it all off he bought a few packs of wwe cards for himself, and he sent them all to my son and asked for nothing in return. This shoutout isnt just to say thanks for the freebies, its to say thanks because of members like shaun, it makes it worth while to come visit the site and still have faith their is some good traders left out there who are in it for the hobby, not the money. Thanks again Shaun!
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RE: Quick shoutout long over due
He sent me a few Royals cards he acquired off a guy in Japan as well. Cards he didn't think I'd have or see as much around here. He also sent me the contact member of the person he acquired them from. Because of him I have since acquired a Japanese card for 2 of my PC guys as well. Cards I for sure would not have had in the PC otherwise. I also just turned a nice trade with this trader in Japan myself. He sent first and in a timely manner. Its been a great experience and my first trade with Japan was awesome. I owe him one for sure.
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RE: Quick shoutout long over due
Yes I agree. I have started dealing with him recently and have nothing but good things to say as well.

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