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1993 Topps Gold

1993 Topps Gold
Went through my whole collection and loaded all the 1993 Topps Gold cards I have, with the exception of two I'd like to hang on to. I'm not sure if this is the kind of post that people like to see or if these cards are any that anyone would be interested in, but if there are cards that someone wants or is looking to complete a set, I thought this would be a good start. Thanks for looking and if you see something you want, start a trade.
PC Card Totals:

Manny Machado - 395
Jonathan Schoop - 223
Chance Sisco - 11

Always looking for more of these guys! Let's trade!

RE: 1993 Topps Gold
I was in the same boat you are with a bunch of base cards. The cards that seem to be moving are inserts and rookies, but moreover game used and autographed. Best of luck, I am sure we will trade soon.
Collecting Derek Jeter - primarily 1996 and earlier but will consider anything


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