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WTTF 2012-13 OPC and Molson Red Wings

WTTF 2012-13 OPC and Molson Red Wings
Amigo's and senora's/senoritas, if you've got a complete BASE set of 2012-13 OPC RED WINGS, I'd like to arrange a trade. If you are a few shy of the full Wings set, that's OK but I don't need the hassle of getting these two or three at a time like prior years. Too old!!
I'll swap you for one or more of the rainbow parallel set wings cards or the rainbow BLACK Wings serial numbered subset cards. Only have two so far (MacDonald - incoming and Brad Stuart in-hand). Can use the inserts and pop-up cards Wings, too! And don't forget the Blank-backs!!

Then, for some reason, I figure I can't live without the Molson Beer Red Wings cards representing their championship years, so if you have any or all, sing out!
Just don't send the ones with beer stains...gracias!

Of course, any Red Wings Memorabilia or autographs are always wanted as well, regardless of set, series or year.

Also- many thanks to the super traders out there who have been patient with me through our recent relocation- Real close to back up and running now so I'm looking forward to more great swaps in the future. Enjoying the ride!

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