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Super Sunday Garage sales finds

Super Sunday Garage sales finds
I been out for 4 hrs going to many garages. What a day it was, finding a lot of collectibles. I bought a box if mix varities of cards that had mostly all sports also some non-sports cards too. Heres a list of cards that may interest to you traders:

1. Deion Sanders action-packed cards
2. Shaq rookies
3. Michael Jordan baseball cards (maybe his rookie card)
baseketball cards (years varies)
4. Football cards 2010 to 2011
5. Hockey cards
6. 2 sets of U.S. Presidential Series card from Encyclopaedia Britannica
Washingtom to George Bush

anyone want these cards?.....lmk for a small deal for it.....not asking for too much for it
[Image: 10801621_10152449187751828_1141049448538410951_n.jpg]

RE: Super Sunday Garage sales finds
I would be interested in the jordan baseball cards
Collecting Derek Jeter - primarily 1996 and earlier but will consider anything


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