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Yu GI Oh Cards... any of these worth something?
08-20-2012, 05:17 PM
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Yu GI Oh Cards... any of these worth something?
I have a bunch of Yu Gi Oh cards I'm looking to get rid of. I was wondering if any of these are notable, rare, or worth anything. If there is interest, please let me know. Here are the cards.. they are all holographic (with exception of the Spirit Messages I-L)... Most of them are first edition as well. LMK

Graceful Charity SDP-040
Trap Hole LOB-058
Harpie’s Feather Duster SDD-003
Flute of Summoning Dragon SDK-042
(2x)Soul Exchange SDY-041
(2x)Card Destruction SDY-042
Lord of D. SDK-041
Exchange EDS-001
Sasuke Samurai PGD-015
Blue-Eyes White Dragon Limited Edition BPT-003
Graceful Dice EDS-002
Skull Dice EDS-003
Sinister Serpent SDD-002
Necrovalley PGD-084
Gryphon Wing SDP-050
Two Headed Behemoth LOD-063
(2X) Dark Magician SDY-006
(2x) Dark Balter the Terrible LOD-002
Penguin Soldier SDJ-022
Scapegoat SDJ-041
Trap of Board Eraser PGD-099
Statue of the Wicked PGD-046
Nobleman of Crossout PSV-034
Backup Soldier PSV-028
Celtic Guardian LOB-007
Red-Eyes B. Dragon SDJ-001
Relinquished SDP-001
Valkyrion the Magna Warrior SDD-001
Premature Burial PSV-037
The Last Warrior from Another Planet LON-077
(2x)Blue-Eyes White Dragon SDK-001
Rope of Life PGD-105
Freed the Matchless General LOD-016
Spellbinding Circle MRL-006
Ceasefire PSV-030 (For some reason, doesn’t have gold lettering on top. In fact, only has outline of card name with no gold or silver lettering at all)
Buster Blader PSV-050
Destiny Board “F” LON-088 + Spirit Messages “I”, “N”, ”A”, ”L” LON-089-092
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